Example of index being used in a sentence.To find what page it is on, look in the index.Example of index being used in a sentence.To find what page it is on, look in the index.


From Oxford Dictionaries: plural of index: indexes or especially in technical use indices. The plural of index is usually spelled indexes, but can also be spelled 

🔊 2020-08-14 See indexing and index. Dictionary ! Menu. Dictionary Thesaurus Examples Sentences Quotes Reference Indexes Sentence Examples. See list of these as well as lists of special indexes in A. General Indexes … 2019-01-07 2006-09-28 2007-03-31 2007-10-26 2007-05-08 legal constraint in a sentence inasentence There are few legal constraints on the sale of firearms in the U.S. Tram (streetcar) system used this arrangement throughout,… 2017-11-27 Sentences build language, and give it personality. Again, without sentences, there’s no real communication.

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"The face is the index of the mind". "The face the index … The definition of an index is a guide, list or sign, or a number used to measure change. An example of an index is a list of employee names, addresses and phone numbers. An example of an index is a stock market index which is based on a standard set at a particular time. Several indices can be used to compare different devices with some similar characteristics, but frequently those indices point on a very particular feature. From the Cambridge English Corpus In this paper, two additional velocity efficiency indices based on … Although, the outcome appears to print whether or not the index position was found but then prints the index position of every word inside the sentence. Also if I am searching of a certain word that appears twice in that sentence, it just prints the index position of the first time the word is … use "indexes" in a sentence.

A Flora of China How to use flora in a sentence.

Sep 11, 2019 On certain sentences when comma is chosen as a custom bound I got negative index and it crashes later when I tried to use this index.

negation) When do you use the words ”att”, “när” and “om”? How do you  example sentences containing "rent index" – Swedish-English dictionary and search on the basis of the estimated change in the index used for rent review.

Index used in a sentence

Name index.noun, data.noun, index.verb, data.verb, index.adj, data.adj, index. adv, sentidx.vrb, sents.vrb - files used by search code to display sentences 

In order to force a sentence break please use two dot signs: one to mark the abbreviation and  One time I saw a thread about the topic "The Swedish use of 'there is/are'" (from http://www.unilang.org/wiki/index.php/Swedish_use_of_'there_is/are') the sentence without the formal IT: (en stad finns) = there is one town.

Index used in a sentence

Excited in a sentence.
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It's quite simple to upgrade the indexing software. 2. The commissar insisted on indexing the book.

The book's additional features utilize example sentences and common idioms to demonstrate verb usage and how verbs function within the sentence.
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Index used in a sentence

What does indexes mean? See indexing and index.

5. Manner of walking gives an index to one's charactor. 6.

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Translations in context of "INDEXES" in english-swedish. HERE are many translated example sentences containing "INDEXES" - english-swedish translations 

The RANDBETWEEN function will provide a random cell number. It is used for several purposes, most often to mark the end of a declarative sentence (as opposed to a question or exclamation); this sentence-terminal use, alone, defines the strictest sense of full stop. The mark is also often used, singly, to indicate omitted characters, or in an ellipsis, …, to indicate omitted words. Suppose my sentence is I am a, Java Programmer. If we look for the word ram with the indexOf () method then it will return true because ram is present in Programmer while the correct output should be false as ram is not present as a word but as a pattern. How can I work around this problem? The code that I am using as of now is: Examples of Correlation in a sentence.